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How do I take the fingerprints at home if I order online?

Once you have ordered your Silver, we will send out a fingerprint kit. You will need to clean your finger. There will be blue and white putty. You are to split the blue putty into 2 balls and the white putty into 2 balls. Mix 1 white and 1 blue together. These will need to be mixed together until they are an even colour. You will then need to press your finger into the moulding compound. There should be enough compound to make two fingerprints. If you are unsatisfied with the quality, we can send another kit to you for £5.00 (inc p&p). Please watch the video below for more details. You can also use the pencil and sellotape method. Please contact me for instructions.


How are hand, foot and paw prints taken?

Hand, foot and paw prints are taken by using an inkless kit. You must first wipe your hand, foot or paw thoroughly, and then press down on the paper provided, and your print will magically appear. Make sure you take a few prints, (fill the page, and I will choose the best one). Although the inkless wipe feels dry to touch, make sure you rub your hand/foot/paw after every 1-2 prints to get the most detail. If you are not happy with the prints you have taken, you can order another kit for £5.00 (inc p&p). Or you can order 2 when buying the jewellery online in the first place.  The inkless kit comes with instructions, and we encourage you to watch the video below. You are also very welcome to send us an email with a photo of your prints if you have these already.

From what age can prints be taken?

Hand and footprints can be taken from birth, however. babies only start to develop clearer fingerprints at around six months old. A good amount of detail is normally seen around 1.5-2 years of age. From my experience, the best fingerprints are from children aged 2+. Children younger than this, may have a clear fingerprint, but if the lines are too close together, it is tricky to capture it clearly on the silver. Every child is different however, and your child's fingerprint might have developed faster, so we are happy to take a fingerprint mould, and if we are not happy with the fingerprint, as the lines are not clear enough, we will refund you the price of the jewellery, but not the fingerprint kit (£4). 


What if I have an existing print that I would like to use?

If you have an existing print, you can email it to with your name and order number, and we will happily use these to make your silver jewellery. 

Is there an age limit to hand, foot and paw prints?

Prints can be taken from babies up to all ages. They can be fantastic presents for family and friends on special occasions or for just an ordinary any day gift.


What silver do you use?

Mini Memento use pure sterling silver, which is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. We have found that sterling silver is stronger, and more durable for every day use, in comparison to the pure silver, which some companies use. Pure silver is softer and therefore, has a larger chance of breaking.

Can you engrave on my silver?

We are happy to engrave names or dates on the front or back, free of charge. They are hand engraved, so will not be a perfect font. We can also stamp names, but as the letter stamps are slightly bigger, we are limited to the number of letters we can engrave.


Why does silver tarnish and how do I care for it?

When pure silver is exposed to sulfur-containing gases in the air, it discolours and then darkens as it reacts with the gas to form a surface layer of tarnish. We advise against silver dipping, as these may adversely affect the appearance of your pieces. We also advise that you take your jewellery off when washing to avoid any discolouration. 


What are the delivery times?

Once the order has been made, we will send out the print kits straight away. Once we have received your prints, you will have your order within 2 weeks. If there is a delay, or a problem with the order, we will contact you straight away with the email address provided. If your order is urgent (e.g. needed for a specific anniversary date), we will try our hardest to make your jewellery and send it back to you as soon as possible.


What are the delivery costs?

Our jewellery is sent by Royal Mail. Due to the pressures Royal Mail are under with the Coronavirus, we would advise allowing 4 working days for delivery from dispatch. Deliveries will need to be signed for. We do e-mail to let you know when your jewellery has been dispatched. The cost of delivering the jewellery by signed Royal Mail is included in the cost of the jewellery.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel the order if I have not started making your jewellery. You will be refunded the cost of the jewellery. If we have already sent out the fingerprint/inkless kit, then you will be refunded the cost of the jewellery, minus the £5 kit cost. If we have started making your jewellery, then unfortunately, you can not be refunded.

What is your returns policy?

At Mini Memento, we make the jewellery to the highest standard. As each item is personalised, returns can not be accepted unless:

  • You receive a product that is different from what you ordered. 

  • If the product is faulty.


Please check your items when you receive them, and inform us of any damage within 48 hours. We will do every thing possible to sort the problem.

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